12 Steps to Finished

These 12+ steps will give you a rough idea how I work with
self-publishing authors.

Roughs for Picture Book Illustrations
1. I read your manuscript carefully to see if it is a good fit for my illustrations
2. I give you a bid based on number of illustrations, complexity of backgrounds, number of characters, any research for costumes and background. I also need to know if you want me to design the cover and layout and compose the inside text.
3. I create a simple contract explaining clearly what publishing rights you have, (full publishing rights to the illustrations for the book being illustrated) and what rights I have as the illustrator, (the right to display the images on my  website, my portfolio and promotional materials). Also, a rough time frame and a payment schedule.
4. I expect one-third payment when I start work on your illustrations.
5. I read your manuscript several more times so I can find the best page breaks and action to use. We want those surprise reveal pages to be perfect.
6. I start working with you on character design.
7. I make rough sketches of each page in dummy format.
8. Second 1/3 payment is due
9. I make changes if any and tighten up sketches into finished line work
10. We agree on a color scheme and I start painting the illustrations
11. Last Payment is due after I finish all illustrations, receive final approval on all illustrations and they are ready to print. I then deliver finished illustrations (or packaged files) in high-resolution digital format to you or your printer.
12. I work directly with your printer or POD service to make sure you get the best printed book.
+. Hopefully while working together throughout this 4 to 6 month process we become friends.
Sketches for a picture book