Character Study

I want to share a some of my preliminary drawings as well as my finished work on this site. This is an early character study of Madeline Delilah the main character in the book “Madeline Delilah, Extraordinarily Ordinary” written by Mariah Richardson.

I love working with children’s book authors to develop their characters and bring their stories to life. Many authors have an image of a character in their mind and a story written down. It takes listening carefully on my part to put that dream character on paper and bring the character to life.

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3 comments on “Character Study

  1. I love it, Dayne. I actually love both covers, but can see how you did enlarge the character. What a cutie she is. You are an excellent illustrator and you made the little black character so charming. Some illustrators are not able to do this, or won’t do this, so I applaud you. She has such character and sassiness too,

    Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.


    • Thanks Cherrye,

      After I received my insightful critique, I really wanted to do the whole book over. It was lucky to get this chance since it had already been printed. I am starting a new book now for a different author, and I really want to throw myself into it and follow most of Mr. Zelinsky’s comments.


  2. Hi, Welcome to my Children’s book Illustration Blog.
    I will be posting illustrations in the working stages and the finished work as I go along. I hope you enjoy the process. Please leave comments, I would like to hear what you have to say.


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