Preliminary Sketches for Madeline Delilah

An inside look at the process of creating  a children’s book character. When Mariah Richardson the author of “Madeline Delilah, Extraordinarily Ordinary” and I had our first meeting we discussed the main character Madeline Delilah. Mariah envisioned an African-American little girl about 9 years old.  Mariah wanted the character to be strong, creative and spunky. Delilah had to have a self-confident attitude even at her young age. We played around with the idea of Delilah as Super Hero.

This is my first sketch at our first meeting. Madeline Delilah turned out to look very similar to this first attempt. The over-sized anime style eyes in this first sketch were adjusted a bit, but almost everything else including the purple high tops and the cape remained. Click on image to see a larger version. Some times first ideas turn out to be the best ones. See the “Character Study” blog post  to see this rough sketch when it is refined a bit and in color.

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