Small changes for 3rd edition cover

Up-dated cover

Recently I was honored to receive a critique from the children’s book illustrator and Caldecott award winner Paul O. Zelinsky.

After I read his well thought-out comments about the cover illustration for Madeline Delilah, Extraordinarily, Ordinary, I wanted to make a few changes on the art, but the book had already been published and was actually in it’s second printing.

Old Cover

It’s nice to get a second chance in life as well as art!

I just got word from the author Mariah Richardson, that there is going to be a third printing and I can make small changes to the illustrations. I am thrilled to get a second chance.

Mr. Zelinsky made a few suggestions on the cover that I was able to make using the existing art and Photoshop to manipulate the image. He felt that the main character Madeline Delilah needed to dominate the cover. In the first illustration I was trying to emphasize the large size of the tree by making her small. In the new version I brought her to the foreground and made her slightly larger. I also beefed up the title and used a drop shadow to make the words pop out a little more. Mr. Zelinski had a few other suggestions to make the cover more exciting, but I was unable to make those changes at this time. I think it is a good up-grade that makes me feel better, but most people will not notice. Let me know what you think about the redo (leave comments by clicking the thought bubble at the top right of this post).

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One comment on “Small changes for 3rd edition cover

  1. The new cover looks better, but still mostly the same. I think you chose good changes to make. I didn’t even notice the size change of the character until I read the description of what you did. You’re right, though. It does look better that way. I particularly like how the title pops now. Text that fades into the illustration is a pet peeve of mine when reading to my kids. There’s one book I can think of that I refuse to read anymore because I can hardly make out the text on a couple pages. So, yeah, I definitely like the easier-to-read title. 🙂


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