Is digital painting the way to go?

I am taking a course in digital painting this semester using Corel Painter 12. Up to now I have created all my illustrations using traditional media. I have always created harder line vector work like logos and lettering in Abobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop mostly for retouching, adapting, outlining and blending photos and some simple artwork. But I have mostly used watercolor and ink, gouache, pastel, colored pencil, markers, acrylics and oils for my illustrations.

Using digital media has not really changed my style very much or speeded up the process yet. I do like the ability to make changes a lot more easily and less destructively.  I also like not having to worry about my paints drying out or matching a color at a later date. I find matching an exact color after the painting dries very difficult to do in acrylics and watercolor. What I do miss, is the feeling of holding a real paintbrush or pencil in my hand, some how the digital stylus just doesn’t feel the same to me yet. I keep practicing.

By Dayne Sislen, Children's Book Illustrator Posted in Uncategorized

3 comments on “Is digital painting the way to go?

  1. Thanks for sharing such experience! I am planning to enroll my daughter in digital arts for she love creative paintings so much and I would love her to know much in digital crafts, too. I just hope this thing will work for her.


    • Thanks for commenting. Best of luck to your daughter. If your daughter loves painting and has a strong background in drawing she will do well. Just remember, the software and computer are just tools, she must develop her creative thinking, drawing and color theory skills first. The computer program isn’t creative or talented, the artist is. Never let the software take over the process.


  2. I don’t know enough about illustration, to weigh in, but I love your work! I’m also happy that digital media has give people options at least to make their life easier. Whether it works for everyone or not, is up to the individual. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    Paul R. Hewlett


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