I wasn’t kidding about Illustrating ballerinas

The book I am now illustrating . . .

is about a ’round’ little girl named Olivia Catherine Amanda Mae Brown who wants to be a ballerina butterfly in the school play. It’s a darling story. She is so cute and ’round’. I love drawing her cute little shape. The name of the book is “Round,” by Shervonne Taylor Bonnell. I am now at the character development stage. I have Olivia’s grandmother, her teacher, the mean girls and other children in her class to create, as well as her grandmother’s garden and the classroom. I will then start the thumbnail dummy to see where all the spreads break in the story and what illustrations I need to draw. I just love starting a new book!


2 comments on “I wasn’t kidding about Illustrating ballerinas

  1. I love the character so far. What a fun process. I love reading about it. I look forward to seeing this progress. I hope all is well in St. Louis. It’s getting cold up here in Illinois.

    Paul R. Hewlett


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