Second step in illustrating a children’s picturebook

Picture Book Page Break Down

Breakdown2 I have spent three days trying to get the Ballerina book’s words and pages to come out just right for the dummy book. It’s not good to have too many words on each page, and the action must build before each page turn. This book will also be a printed picture book and a picture book app. for iPad, so the word count can’t be too long on each page to read at a small size. This book has over 2000 words which is more words than a normal picture book and has been my main problem.Dummy

The author also wants certain scenes to be illustrated, but they don’t always work out for the page turns. I know some pages will have to be all words without images, because the cost of doing illustrations on each page would be prohibitive.

Since this book will also be a picture book iPad application, each image will have some simple action, movement and/or sound that can be easily done on an iPad. I will be setting this up as I illustrate the story, so multiple variations will be needed for each image to show animations. I know I will eventually get everything to work, it always does in the end.

One comment on “Second step in illustrating a children’s picturebook

  1. I never doubted all the technical work that went into a picture book, but wow! This sounds extremely challenging. Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving and have a nice holiday weekend.

    Paul R. Hewlett


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