Need a Kick-in the pants to move your career forward?

My best kick-in-the-pants advice to move ahead with your Children’s book, is signing up for a critique with an agent or publisher at one of the SCBWI events. I then have a goal to work towards and a deadline to finish my manuscript. Since I am an illustrator attempting to become an author/illustrator, I have a lot of work to do for my critiques. Not only do I need to finish and perfect my manuscript, but I also need to prepare sample illustrations and a complete book dummy finished for the picture book critique. Nothing like a little pressure to turn on the juice.

I am now working on finishing up illustrations for a 40 page picture book for a self published author that I’ve been working with for over a year. I’m also starting illustrations for a new picture book for a self published author AND working on perfecting my own manuscript and finishing illustrations for my own picture book due for critique mid-July.

I work best when I am working. I thrive on being busy. The more I work the more ideas I get and the more efficient I work (write or draw). My best advice is to work, because only when you are working can you create great stuff. Thinking about it just doesn’t get the same results.

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