Preparing for our picture book presentation tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day

Donna Warwick and I have been preparing for this event since March. We will present our book “There’s a Mouse on My Head!” to the Jewish Book Festival Book Club Tea.  Representatives from all the book clubs throughout St. Louis and the committee chairs for the Jewish Book Festival will be attending the tea. Our book will also be available for sale at the Jewish Book Festival Book Store in the Missouri’s Own Section the first week in November.

MOYH 3d_BookCoverOur book release was based on being ready for this event. Donna Warwick, the author of “There’s a Mouse on My Head!” has prepared a video of the book using my illustrations, Donna’s singing the words with ukulele music in the background played by her cousin Sandy. I saw the finished version yesterday for the first time and it is fantastic. We thought it would much better to show it large on a 9 1/2 foot x 8 foot screen. Much easier for 70 people to see than holding up a picture book.

We will also talk to the group about self-publishing. We feel that everyone has a story they want to tell. We will give insight into the children’s book publishing world.

Yesterday I spent a large part of the day preparing small chocolate mice favors for each attendee. It was a lot of work. I sure hope everyone likes them. Making 70 of anything requires quite an assembly line, I had no idea what I was getting into. I don’t think there is a career change in my future as a candy maker. You can buy our book on Amazon and B& or order it from your neighborhood independent book store :-).

chocolate mice 5Chocolate mice4

CU_chocolate Mice

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