Children’s Book Week is Coming!

Children’s Book Week celebration is ready to kick off. From April 30 to May 6, bookstores, libraries, and schools across the country will take part in a busy week-long event, as they commemorate children’s books and the joy of reading.

What can you do? Read to your children and take them to local
Children’s Book Week Events. Check what is available in your area.

Mark your calendar! The St. Louis County Public library will be celebrating Children’s Book Week during April 30-May 6. Activities include a visit from Curious George, book-inspired crafts & more! Get the full schedule of events here:

Reading aloud is the best advertisement because it works. It allows a child to sample the delights of reading and conditions him to believe that reading is a pleasureful experience, not a painful or boring one.”—Jim Trelease

Don’t forget to read the picture books in all the character voices. When I was a kid, that’s what I liked the best. Make every book special for your children.

If you are thinking about writing your own picture book for children and will be needing illustrations, contact me. I love to talk pictures books with self-publishing authors.

7 comments on “Children’s Book Week is Coming!

    • Yes, I have illustrated nine books for other authors. All of them would be a great fun read. One of the picturebooks books I did with a good friend of mine, Donna Warwick. It’s called “There’s a Mouse on My Head! I have written about five books myself but they are all out on submission right now, none of them published at this time. For Children’s Book Week, I am reading to a group of preschoolers in all the funny voices, of course. I love reading books with a lot of drama and funny characters.

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      • This sounds wonderful. I wish I had the courage to read out loud. Never did like it. It’s great you are helping others with art work. That is what i love about the Author world. Good luck with your submissions.


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