These are a few of my children’s illustrations.
To view more of my work at a larger size, go to my website:

 Bounce_Dayne_Sislen cover_gigi-and-grandma-social-media47216d64ef1e43a0c5c265c578ef69b0    
 8719677.5478e176a6df3a0f26e71e774d4d37d456c827ebb5be8    Whiff_dragon_420    
 10296249_10202980396809452_2217370811498918147_o PIGS_10-11_sm  SCBWI_Postcard_good_rgb    
 MOYH_coverSSCBWI_banner_SM copy51af87b93bb5b9fe7517283ad27efd36    
 Funny Cat by Dayne SislenMOYH_pg_2-3YDC_early_web YDC_LOGO_Web_Med


4th of Julysm   



Shark Dentists and Other Stories by Vincent Immordino Illustrated by Dayne Sislen LILD small color cover



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