My entry for the Missouri SCBWI 2015 conference poster Illustration

Soaring_Sislen_300This is my illustration for the SCBWI-MO conference Illustration competition. The theme is “Soaring to New Heights!” The conference is this weekend, September 15-16th at Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri, just outside of St. Louis.

If you have been following this blog, you might just recognize the mouse character from theMOYH 3d_BookCover last picture book I illustrated “There’s a Mouse on My Head!” by Donna Warwick. I enjoyed illustrating that book so much, I have just fallen in love with the little chubby mouse.

The first week of October, Donna Warwick and I will be doing a presentation at the Jewish Book Festival Book Club Tea. We have some fun surprises for the attendees.

My illustration will be used on the MO SCBWI Fall Conference material

FallConfBanner_pastel*I just found out my illustration of a young girl dreaming about Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” has been for use on the Mo SCBWI’s Fall conference material. I posted this image a few weeks ago, right after I had entered the competition and  before I knew it was selected.

I am thrilled, I now will receive a scholarship to attend the conference.

I do all my sketching in pencil on layout paper. I then scan the pencils and bring them into Corel Painter 12 as a top layer set to multiply. Then all my color work is underneath. Sometimes I use one of the smaller brushes set to colored pencil settings to do the line work, but I still draw best with pencil on paper. I used the pastel and colored pencil brushes for the color on these illustrations. At first I thought I would like the watercolor brushes the best, because that’s always been my go-to traditional media.But the water color brushes really don’t work very well for me. The oil paint brushes are incredible, they can be blended just like real paint. I also like the acrylic brushes and the gouache brushes for flat work. You can also set your paper to be rough like canvas or concrete or very smooth.

The illustration that was selected was actually the third idea I came up with. The first idea that came to mind was a little boy with a space bubble around his head floating over the earth with his dog. Somehow that didn’t work out for me. Then I did a rough color sketch of a little girl sitting by a pond sailing a paper boat, with real sailboats on a lake or ocean behind her. I liked this idea a lot, but never really took the time to develop and finish it because I had a dream one night about another little girl dreaming of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

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