Book I illustrated finally printed


I illustrated this 32 page 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ book for Leila L. Leidtke last year. It’s about three little pigs and their adventures in the wild. It’s a rough scary jungle out there! Right now this book can only be ordered from Friesen Press, later it will be available in many bookstores and Amazon. Click here to order.

It seems like I have waited forever to see these books printed. It does give me a good feeling seeing something I worked on so long to finally be completed. I am very happy with the color and the quality of the paper.

I love working with self publishing authors, contact me to talk about your book.

Finally Illustrations done, “Don’t be a Pig in a Panic!” picture book

After illustrating this book for the author Leila Leidtke for the last 7 months, I am happy to say it is almost finished. I can now draw pigs snakes and tigers with my eyes closed. I loved illustrating the pigs, what really bogged down the process were the jungle backgrounds. You can’t fake a jungle background. Regular landscapes can be a sweep of green with a few strategically placed trees, jungles on the other hand are very complicated. I started out with very complex backgrounds, but as I went along and the characters count increased on each page the backgrounds got more and more simple. I’d much rather illustrate pigs any day.

I’m ready to move on to the next project. . . Ballerinas anyone?

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Just a few of the 16 full color spreads without the text in place.

PIGS_2-3_smPIGS_6-7_smPIGS_10-11_smPIGS_14-15_sm PIGS_18-19_sm PIGS_20-21_sm PIGS_24-25_sm

More illustrations for “Don’t be a PIG in a PANIC”

I’m moving along with some of the digital color now on these fun illustrations. Below is the pencil for the cover and the almost finished color. You can see my rough pencil in the background of the color version.  In the second illustration, I still need to work on the stripes on the pig’s shirt, they don’t look right to me. I have created the heading in Adobe Illustrator so I can get the letters of the word PIG exactly right and the curve of the other words. I’ve put them together in this last version.  Now I just need to clean up the jungle foliage and I will be done with the cover. This fun book was written by Leila Leidtke. Click here see my online portfolio.

Pencil rough for cover

Pencil rough for cover

Cover "Don't be a PIG in a Panic"

Almost finished

Almost finished