National Day on Writing!

Why do I write? Why does anyone write?

MOYH_9780996561518-Perfect.inddIt’s a form of personal and artistic expression as well as communication. Writing is important to our lives because information is passed from one person to another and to future generations through the written word.

I like to write and illustrate children’s books because I love to impart lessons of life in a fun entertaining way. With picture books, it is not necessary to scold or preach to children. Children can easily learn lessons by reading or being read stories with actions and consequences. They see their favorite characters solving life’s problems in entertaining stories. #whyIwrite, #picturebooks, #Kidlit

My newest book with author Donna Warwick is: There’s a Mouse on My Head! is available on, Barnes and Nobel and can be ordered from independent book stores.


I love this quote.

I just signed up for PiBoIdMo

piboidmo2014wordpressbannerNovember is Picture Book Month. So Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) was also created to gently nudge (force) picture book illustrators and writers to come up with lots of ideas. In fact we pledge to come up with one picture book idea a DAY! Luckily we don’t also have to write the book. Today is the 5th of the month and I am happy to say I am right on schedule, in fact I have written down a few extras for hectic days ahead. Read Tara Lazar’s blog for more information.

Sign up for PiBoIdMo yourself, you might be surprised by your own creativity.

Need a Kick-in the pants to move your career forward?

My best kick-in-the-pants advice to move ahead with your Children’s book, is signing up for a critique with an agent or publisher at one of the SCBWI events. I then have a goal to work towards and a deadline to finish my manuscript. Since I am an illustrator attempting to become an author/illustrator, I have a lot of work to do for my critiques. Not only do I need to finish and perfect my manuscript, but I also need to prepare sample illustrations and a complete book dummy finished for the picture book critique. Nothing like a little pressure to turn on the juice.

I am now working on finishing up illustrations for a 40 page picture book for a self published author that I’ve been working with for over a year. I’m also starting illustrations for a new picture book for a self published author AND working on perfecting my own manuscript and finishing illustrations for my own picture book due for critique mid-July.

I work best when I am working. I thrive on being busy. The more I work the more ideas I get and the more efficient I work (write or draw). My best advice is to work, because only when you are working can you create great stuff. Thinking about it just doesn’t get the same results.